Corporate Profile

Fast Logistics Solutions Group (FLS) has been founded in January 2015 as holding company for Fast Forward Cargo, First Priority Cargo, Fast Forward Solutions and several other companies. FLS Group - headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - is a leader in global transportation and logistics with a strong presence across Africa, UAE, India and Far East. The aim of FLS Group is to widen its portfolio of services and expand its coverage globally. The portfolio of activities in FLS Group include

In 2014 FLS Group generated US$ 200 million revenue with airfreight volumes at 45.000 tons and ocean freight volumes at 20.000 TEU’s. FLS Group employs 700 staff (500 in UAE) in a network of 40 offices across UAE, Africa and Asia. In the UAE FLS Group has 15 offices and 25.000 m2 warehouse facilities on 5 strategic locations. On the African continent FLS Group has a network of 20 own offices in Brazzaville, Bukavu, Dar es Salaam, Enugu, Goma, Kampala, Kano, Kigali, Lagos, Lubumbashi, Lusaka, Mutwaru, Nairobi and N’Djamena. The major African hubs in the FLS-network are located in Lagos (airfreight) and Dar es Salaam (ocean freight). In Asia FLS have 5 offices in Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mumbai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.